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Virtual Pharmacist’s Making Your Practice Function Virtually

We've built a long standing relationship based on trust and proficiency

Virtual Pharmacists is a personalised services to support primary care without the need to employ staff. Giving you the flexibility to cover holiday, maternity or just a one off project.

Using a virtual pharmacist is perfect for practices who are short on space, need to free up the GP’s administrative time or do not have time to support pharmacists on the national training pathway.

We aim to provide pharmacists experienced in primary care and can operate both System one and Emis. Our experienced practice pharmacists will work remotely. They will efficiently work through the tasks agreed which may include acute requests and prescription re-authorisations, hospital discharges and clinic letters, medication reviews (via a telephone or video consultation where needed), audits, drug monitoring and medication optimisation activities.

Why use Virtual Pharmacist?

Why are we different to the other services available?

Professional, Personal and Quality services

Virtual pharmacist provides fully qualified and trained pharmacists. Virtual Pharmacist ensures the pharmacists are fully insured and registered. So if you have never had a pharmacist within the practice we can help and guide you into the role and set-up, which is quick and easy. The service could be up and running in days.

So why not contact us and see how we can start taking the pressure off the practice

Have you recruited a practice pharmacist, but cannot find a senior clinical pharmacist to support them? We can help

We can provide support sessions and day to day on-call support from an experienced pharmacist who has several years experience in mentoring and supporting both pharmacists and technicians to reach their potential, as well as running tailored training events for them.

  • Brilliant professional services! More than we could have asked for and on hand of day to day queries!
    Practice Manager
  • Provides our team Senior Pharmacist support. Webinars, one to ones, whatsapp groups and available throughout the working day. More than expected from a virtual senior.
    Team Leader
  • Sorted out our backlog of medication reviews, checked our protocol went above and beyond to get us ready for CQC inspection.
    Practice Manager

Need a Pharmacist? Don’t want to recruit? No space?Need senior clinical pharmacist support?

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