What we do

Why are we different
to other services

Virtual Pharmacist is passionate about primary care, our clinical director has a long history in support, developing and mentoring pharmacists to achieve their potential in GP practice and PCN setting. As well as this we have invested heavily into technology to help support our clinicians with our innovative panel. 

We have bespokely built software package that allows us to manage our team, monitor workloads, enables us to check log in and log off times, improve training through AI and is constantly evolving to improve the service provided. 

All our clinician phone calls are recorded using intelligent AI that transcribes every call, monitors for specific words and tones so we can pinpoint issues before they even happen. 



Reducing the burden
on the GP team

We focus on reducing the burdens on the GP team, allowing them more time to focus on their patients, practice, personal time and projects. By introducing Virtual Pharmacist to the clinical team has a several major benefits, including quality improvements and continuity across the practice. 

A fully managed clinical service

Pharmacists are becoming more integrated with general practice. NHS Long Term Plan’s implementation of primary care networks (PCNs) that could see a typical 50,000 patient PCN employ six full-time clinical pharmacists. 

Recruitment and ongoing support can however be difficult. The pharmacists recruited often have no experience and need support and training time, which is not funded or directed. This can result in poor retention rates, and disillusioned GP’s and Pharmacists.  

Virtual Pharmacist’s services remove the necessity for you to provide support, training and workflow management. This proactive solution not only streamlines provision but also significantly reduces costs.

Virtual Pharmacist is ideally placed to:

  • Review and clinically assess and treat of patients using their expert knowledge of medicines
  • Review case management of patients with chronic diseases.
  • Proactive clinical medication reviews managing people with complex polypharmacy, especially the elderly, care homes restidents, people with multiple long-term conditions and people with learning difficulties 
  • Reducing waste and cost to the NHS 
  • Promoting self-care through structured medication reviews
  • Working with, and alongside, the MDT’s in a PCN as prescribers 
  • Providing the practice with on-hand medicines use and prescribing advice 
  • Reviewing clinical aspects of shared care protocols and clinical research
  • Liaising with community pharmacies, and other primary and secondary care agencies

Multi Award winning Team!

Our Head office team comprises of a talented group of recruiters, trainers and senior pharmacists whose expertise are at our pharmacists teams disposal. The team ensure our pharmacists are supported through our innovative panel.

Need a Pharmacist?
Not sure how to or can’t recruit?
No space?

Virtual pharmacist is like having a full time HR manager, Trainer, Manager and Pharmacists for less than the cost of recruiting just a Pharmacist.