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At Virtual Pharmacist LTD, we are deeply committed to advancing primary care through innovative solutions and expert pharmacist support. Our passion is to empower pharmacists, enabling them to excel in General Practice and Primary Care Network (PCN) settings. Providing your practice the expertise it needs, and will struggle to find elsewhere.

We harness cutting-edge technology to enhance our services and support our clinicians effectively. Our bespoke software system is meticulously designed to manage our team, monitor workloads, and ensure efficient time management with precise login and logoff tracking. This system is not just a tool for management but also a platform for ongoing training and development, enhanced by artificial intelligence that adapts and evolves to meet the dynamic needs of primary care.

Furthermore, our commitment to quality and safety is exemplified by our sophisticated communication system. All clinician phone calls are recorded and transcribed by intelligent AI. This technology also monitors for specific keywords and tones, allowing us to proactively address potential issues and maintain the highest standards of care.

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At Virtual Pharmacist LTD, our head office is pivotal in supporting our team of pharmacists.

Our office team ensures that every pharmacist receives the support and resources necessary to excel in their roles, saving you time and effort.

This dedicated HQ team via our innovative panel to maintain seamless operations and uphold the highest standards of service. 

Our commitment to fostering professional excellence in pharmacy practice sets us apart, establishing us as leaders in healthcare with an award-winning approach.


blue dots on contact us page
blue dots on contact us page

Meet the team


Clinical Director

As the Clinical Director and founder of Virtual Pharmacist. Laura has a passion for Pharmacists in Primary Care. With over a decade in experience across different primary care sectors, as well as extensive training and mentorship experience. She is strives for the best clinical care and service for all of the practices and patients we serve, holding us to the highest standards


Operations Director

As the Operations Director at  brings strategic oversight and a dynamic approach to enhancing operational efficiency. Luke ensures that our services are both innovative and streamlined. His leadership is pivotal in maintaining high standards of service delivery, fostering a productive environment for both staff and clients.


Operations Manager

As Operation Manager at Virtual Pharmacist, Jodie supports the day to day running of the services. She has extensive experience in primary care across GP practice and PCNs. Her special interest in QOF and systems training enable her to support the pharmacists completing complex tasks and projects.


Operations Coordinator

As the Operations Coordinator, Chloe oversees recruitment, onboarding, and supports our practice teams while also assisting head office to ensure smooth operations and effective communication across departments.


Senior Administrator

As the Senior Administrator, Lauren is essential in managing communications. She provides support wherever necessary, ensuring smooth operations and timely assistance across our organisation.


Office Coordinator

As the Office Coordinator, Beth has a role in recruitment and onboarding, supporting our pharmacists and the Head Office staff. Beth manages various aspects of operations at VP, including promotional activities and communications.



As an Administrator, Jess is vital in managing communications. She ensures smooth operations and timely assistance across our organisation by providing support wherever needed.

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A Fully Managed Clinical Pharmacist Solution

As primary care within the NHS continues to evolve, integrating clinical pharmacists into general practice has become increasingly vital. The NHS Plan underscores the expansion of primary care networks (PCNs), setting expectations for robust pharmacist participation. For a PCN catering to 50,000 patients, around six full-time clinical pharmacists are typically required.

Recruitment and ongoing support, however, pose significant challenges. Pharmacists entering these roles often require extensive training and mentorship, a process that demands substantial resources and usually lacks additional funding. This often results in high turnover rates, creating cycles of frustration for both PCNs and pharmacists.

This is where Virtual Pharmacist LTD comes in. Our fully managed service tackles these issues by providing a comprehensive support structure for clinical pharmacists. We manage everything from training and support to workflow management, facilitating smooth integration into general practice. Choosing our proactive solution not only streamlines service delivery but also delivers significant cost savings and improves retention rates, keeping the pharmacists productive and GPs satisfied.

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Elevate Patient Care with a Comprehensive Approach

At Virtual Pharmacist LTD, we’re transforming medication management with our comprehensive clinical pharmacist solutions. Our tailored approach provides seamless support, training, and integration, allowing your practice to concentrate on what’s most important—patient care. If you’re a PCN or GP practice seeking an innovative, patient-centered approach that enhances both efficiency and quality, we’re here to help. Connect with us to discover how our services can revolutionise your healthcare delivery and optimise outcomes.