Virtual Pharmacist have the Remote Clinical Pharmacy Solutions for your Practice

As healthcare evolves, the opportunities to enhance patient care expand. Virtual Pharmacist’s remote clinical pharmacy services are ideal for GPs and Primary Care Networks seeking a modern solution to medication management that boosts patient outcomes. Our bespoke systems and fully managed service bring expert clinical pharmacists directly to the heart of patient care.

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We offer a variety of services to meet your specific needs.

Key Benefits of Using Virtual Pharmacist:

Bespoke and Tailored Services: Pick and choose the specific services you need to create a program that perfectly complements your practice.
Remote & Integrated Support: Our pharmacists seamlessly integrate with your existing team, reducing workload and improving efficiency.
AI-powered Workflows: Leverage advanced technology to streamline processes, optimise practice management, and reduce costs.
Improved Patient Care: Our services empower you to optimise medication management, reduce errors, and deliver exceptional patient outcomes.

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blue dots on contact us page
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Clinical Pharmacists in your practice Virtually!

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The Virtual Pharmacist team is committed to achieving excellence in every aspect of our service. We offer comprehensive relevent training sessions, along with personalized support and mentorship by our Senior Pharmacist team. Ensuring our team remains up-to-date we strive to maintain the highest standards of service.

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IT and innovation

We provide all the hardware and software ensuring the highest level of cyber security to the practice we serve.  Our innovative panel and software are cutting edge and constantly developing responding to the needs of the pharmacists and practices, keeping us at the forefront of service provision.

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Remote service

Space is a valuable asset in any business, and you might think that remote working makes team members less accessible. However, this isn’t an issue with VP Ltd. All our team members follow set schedules and are easily reachable. You’ll always know who is supporting you and when. We integrate seamlessly into your team.


Services our Clinical
Pharmacists can provide

Clinical Medication Reviews / Structured Medication Reviews: Pharmacists can conduct detailed reviews of patients’ medications to ensure effectiveness and safety, addressing complex regimens especially for chronic diseases.

High-risk Medication Monitoring: They monitor medications that have high risks associated with them, ensuring safety and efficacy.

Review of Acute Medication Requests: Pharmacists assess and manage requests for acute medications, providing timely     interventions.

Chronic Conditions Clinics: They can run or contribute to clinics specifically designed to manage chronic conditions, offering specialized care, such as Asthma, MH, HF or Hypertension reviews

Medication and Prescription Queries: Pharmacists address queries from patients, community pharmacies, and other healthcare professionals about medications.

Hospital Discharge Reconciliation: They ensure that medication lists are accurate when patients are discharged from hospitals, which helps prevent readmissions and errors.

Assistance with Protocols or Additional Work for CQC Inspections: Pharmacists assist in preparing for Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspections by ensuring compliance with healthcare standards and protocols.

Projects and Audits: They lead or participate in projects and audits that aim to improve practice operations and patient care quality.

Repeat Prescription Process Management: Pharmacists manage and streamline the process for handling repeat prescriptions, making it more efficient.

Implementing Drug Alerts and Withdrawals and Coding Issues: They manage drug alerts, handle medication withdrawals safely, and resolve coding issues in practice systems.

Medicine Optimisations Audits or Quality Improvement Work: They conduct audits to ensure that medications are used optimally to achieve the best patient outcomes.

Training for All Staff on Medication-Related Issues & NICE Guidelines: Pharmacists provide crucial training and updates to healthcare staff regarding best practices in medication management and adherence to National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines

Virtual Pharmacists have lightened the workload in over 140 practices across the country.
Contact us to find out how we can assist your practice too.

If you’re a PCN or GP practice seeking a contemporary, patient-centered approach to medication management, our expertise is at your service. Reach out to us to discover how our remote clinical pharmacy services can elevate your healthcare offerings.