Senior Support Service

Senior Support

Have you recruited a PCN pharmacist?

Struggling to find a senior pharmacist to support your new developing team? or just need help to get started?

Do you have an employed pharmacist that is isolated and needs a mentor? 

Our senior clinical pharmacists have training and experience in mentoring and training pharmacists and technicians both virtually and face to face.

All clinical pharmacists and pharmacy technicians employed under the PCN DES need to be part of a professional clinical network and will always be clinically supervised by a senior clinical pharmacist. We have connections nationally and an ever growing network of pharmacists who are employed, PCN and locum based with decades of experience and specialities.

It can be costly, difficult and beyond the needs of the PCN to employ a full or part time senior pharmacist to support a team in its early stages. We can provide one to one virtual sessions to offer your new team the support they need at the time they need it. This may be supervision of consultations, note writing, or tutorials. We also offer at least monthly webinars on relevant topics which your pharmacists will be invited to attend.

All technicians should be supported by a pharmacist, however further training may be burden on the pharmacist, or GPs’s time that practice cannot spare. We have webinars and training session designed specifically for technician to help them develop their clinical skills and knowledge in a primary care setting.

All of the sessions are bespoke to the needs of your pharmacists and/or technicians, we also run a monthly webinars focused at both pharmacist, technicians, practice nurses and ANPs that your team would be able to attend

If you are interested please contact us and we can discuss your requirements further