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Some Of Our
Clinical Services

  • Clinical Medication Reviews 
  • Medication and prescription queries from patients, community pharmacies and other healthcare professionals. 
  • Ensure safe, effective and rational use of medication.
  • Medicine Optimisations Audits or quality improvement work. 
  • High-risk medication monitoring.
  • Hospital discharge reconciliation.
  • Repeat prescription process management.
  • Prescribing by pharmacist with Independent Prescribing status.
  • Review of acute medication requests. 
  • Assistance with protocols or additional work for CQC inspections.
  • Implementing drug alerts and withdrawals and coding issues
  • Training for all staff on medication related issues e.g. NICE guidelines
  • Chronic conditions clinics
  • Minor illness clinics

If you can’t find what you are looking for just ask.

Services can all be tailored to your practice, you can pick and mix what support you would like Virtual Pharmacist to provide, making a completely bespoke service.

The practices’ needs may vary across, and we can develop the role alongside your practice and PCN.


Letters and Discharges are coded and sent to Virtual Pharmacist via task etc. For actioning. The Team then check the coding and action the letter. Medication, blood tests, ECG etc.

Administrative work
and medication

As in Practice 1 plus the Virtual Pharmacy team work through searches of patients to update any medication reviews. Complex poly pharmacy review are carried out via telephone or video call. Whilst others are reviewed by notes only – checking appropriate monitoring, CDMs and another other diary events.

Administrative work, medication reviews and queries.

As above plus the team have a telephone calls list of queries where patients wish to speak to the practice pharmacist. For example: Medication is discontinued or out of stock, what is the alternative? – The pharmacist could then prescribe the alternative Patient feels they have had an adverse drug reaction – The pharmacist could advise the patient on any actions or alternatives, prescribing if needed and then complete a Yellow Card.

The full

Virtual Pharmacist uses the time allotted to the practice to complete tasks in the order the practice has stipulated for example, tasks, telephone calls, medication reviews, administrative work then additional time would be spent of specified projects such as audits, actioning searches, acute drug request, or assisting the team with remote chronic disease reviews.

Need a Pharmacist?
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Virtual pharmacist is like having a full time HR manager, Trainer, Manager and Pharmacists for less than the cost of recruiting just a Pharmacist.